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Top 5 T-Shirt Printing Machines in the UK: Your Guide to Leading Custom Apparel Technology

t shirt printing machine

Welcome to DiscoverPrint, where we’re passionate about bringing you the forefront of printing technology.

The demand for custom t-shirts is skyrocketing in the UK, with businesses, bands, sports teams, and even individuals seeking unique ways to express themselves. Whether you’re looking to start your own t-shirt printing business or want to indulge in a hobby, finding the right t-shirt printing machine is crucial.

Our guide to the top 5 t-shirt printing machines in the UK will help you navigate the sea of options, ensuring you choose a machine that fits your needs and budget.

Leading the Revolution: The Best T-Shirt Printing Equipment for 2024

1. Epson SureColor F2100: The Detail Master

t shirt printing machine

At DiscoverPrint, we understand that precision matters. The Epson SureColor F2100 stands out for its exceptional detail and color fidelity. It’s perfect for businesses of all sizes that prioritize quality.

  • Why We Love It: Exceptional print quality, efficient operation, and it’s incredibly user-friendly.
  • Ideal For: Businesses seeking reliability and superior print quality without compromise.

2. Brother GTX Pro: The Speed Innovator

t shirt printing machine


Speed meets quality with the Brother GTX Pro. This machine is designed for businesses aiming to scale their operations efficiently, making it a staple for those requiring rapid production without sacrificing detail or colour accuracy.

  • Why We Love It: Fast printing speeds, excellent color reproduction, and versatile substrate handling.
  • Ideal For: Operations looking to efficiently manage high-volume orders.

3. Roland VersaSTUDIO BT-12: The Compact Powerhouse


t shirt printing machine


Limited space? No problem. The Roland VersaSTUDIO BT-12 brings professional-grade printing to your desktop. It’s an affordable entry into the DTG market, perfect for startups and small businesses.

  • Why We Love It: Its compact design fits any space, and it’s budget-friendly without skimping on quality.
  • Ideal For: Startups and small operations wanting to make a big impact.

4. Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro: The Synthetic Specialist

t shirt printing machine


Synthetic fabrics can be tricky, but not for the Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro. This machine is specifically engineered for high-quality prints on challenging materials, making it a go-to for sports and performance wear.

  • Why We Love It: Superior prints on synthetics, eco-friendly operation, and built for durability.
  • Ideal For: Businesses specializing in sports and performance apparel.

5. Anajet Ricoh Ri 1000: The Versatile Performer

t shirt printing machine

Versatility is the name of the game with the Anajet Ricoh Ri 1000. Quick setup, high-resolution prints, and adaptability across various materials make this machine a valuable asset for growing businesses.

  • Why We Love It: It strikes the perfect balance between speed, quality, and ease of use.
  • Ideal For: Medium-sized businesses exploring diverse product lines.

Comparison Between the printers

Feature/Model Epson SureColor F2100 Brother GTX Pro Roland VersaSTUDIO BT-12 Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro Anajet Ricoh Ri 1000
Suitable For Startups to Established Businesses High-Volume Production Small Businesses, Startups Synthetic Fabric Printing Medium-Sized Businesses
Printing Technology DTG DTG DTG DTG DTG
Key Features High print quality, Efficient operation Fast speeds, Excellent color reproduction Compact, Affordable High-quality on synthetics, Eco-friendly inks Quick setup, High-resolution prints
Print Quality High High Good Superior High
Material Compatibility Variety of fabrics Wide range Limited to smaller items Synthetic fabrics Various materials
Ease of Use User-friendly Moderate Very easy Moderate User-friendly
Initial Investment Moderate High Low High   Moderate


Partnering for Success with DiscoverPrint

Choosing the right t-shirt printing machine is a decision that shapes your business’s future. At DiscoverPrint, we’re committed to helping you navigate this choice with expert advice, comprehensive support, and access to the latest printing technology. Whether you’re stepping into the world of custom apparel or looking to upgrade your existing setup, we’re here to ensure your journey is successful and innovative.

Embrace the future of t-shirt printing with DiscoverPrint. Let’s create, innovate, and lead together in the custom apparel industry.

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Conclusion: Empowering Your T-Shirt Printing in 2024

The future of t-shirt printing in the UK is bright, with technologies that cater to a wide range of business needs, from eco-conscious operations to high-speed production facilities. By selecting a machine that aligns with your specific goals and market niche, you’re well on your way to carving out a successful space in the custom apparel industry.

Staying ahead with the latest advancements will ensure your business not only thrives but also leads in innovation and quality. The top t-shirt printing machines of 2024 offer exciting opportunities for businesses ready to embrace the future of custom apparel.

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